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Developed in 2001 by CarePlus Medical, the TurnWedge has become known as the standard in positioning-based, pressure ulcer prevention and treatment. Our ONE and ONLY FOCUS at CarePlus Medical, is to continue to deliver the best-in-class pressure ulcer prevention solutions through our TurnWedge family of positioners.

The TurnWedge, with it’s uniquely patented design, can reposition your patients at precisely the desired angle, while minimilazing the pressure to your patient’s skin. It eliminates the usual struggles encountered by the caregiver or patient when utilizing pillows and blankets or a non-wound care specific positioner.

The TurnWedge has become the leading, low-cost addition to many facilities pressure ulcer prevention protocols. It is light weight, simple, and easy to use, both as a standalone solution or as an adjunctive therapy to standard pressure ulcer prevention systems.

We are a certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE)

CarePlus Medical, Inc. has been supplying this optimum standard of care to leading hospitals and nursing facilities, across the nation, for almost 20 years. We are a certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE). Purchasing from CarePlus Medical is hassle-free, as we can meet the qualifications of most internal policies or diversity initiatives.

Once you see how big a difference this one small thing can make in your daily care routine, you will be convinced. The TurnWedge is the nurse-friendly, highly-effective, low-cost solution, specifically designed to meet your patients positioning needs.

The TurnWedge, Ultimate Body Positioner, is the only positioner on the market that is specifically designed to meet your demanding repositioning requirements:

  • Giving the patient a more effective and controlled angle of turn
  • An ergonomic design that minimizes contact to the skin
  • A nurse-friendly device that is both lightweight and easy to use
  • Turning a patient up to or over 60 degrees laterally

Our design team, which developed the Turnwedge™, took feedback from nurses and wound care specialists and created our patented design. It addresses the concerns that such a lateral positioning device can answer. The Turnwedge™ has been designed to resolve the many issues that arise from caring for the immobile patient.

The Turnwedge’s unique design gives you the caregiver the ability to:

  • Laterally position your patient in gradual increments, up to or over 60 degrees
  • The patient’s position can be effectively stabilized with its non-skid surface
  • The ergonomically designed Turnwedge™ can easily support up to a 350 lb. patient (Bariatric Model up to 600lbs.) with only minimal pressure to the skin.

Finally, the Turnwedge™ incorporates all these features into a lightweight, easy to use device, which will assist you in providing a practical, cost-effective solution to your wound care and pulmonary problems.

The Turnwedge™ is ergonomically designed for minimal contact to the skin.
It also provides firm body support and guards against sliding on bedding. The Turnwedge™ provides your patient a more effective and controlled angle of turn from 0 to 60 degrees. The angle of turn is determined by how far under the Turnwedge™ is placed. The more aggressive the turn, the better the clinical outcome.

The TurnWedge can be deployed in many application such as:

  • Lateral Positioning
  • Foot Drop Prevention
  • Proning (Full & Partial)
  • Prevent Patient Entrapment
  • Heel Elevation
  • Pediatric Respiratory Care
  • Head Elevation
  • Leg Separation

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 PATENT # US D531,315