1. What is the purpose of the Turnwedge™?

The purpose of the Turnwedge is to assist you with effective treatment and prevention of complications associated with immobility. The Turnwedge is ergonomically engineered for minimal contact to the skin and provides a controlled angle of turn from 0 to 60 degrees. This assists in the treatment and prevention of pressure ulcers (bedsores) and in the drainage of pulmonary secretions.

2. What is the benefit of a 40 degree angle of turn?

Research shows that turning a patient up to or over 40 degrees has a direct correlation to the clinical outcome of a patient’s recovery that is being treated for pulmonary complications. One study concluded that when 40 degree or more of Kinetic Therapy is initiated within 24 hours of admission and used for ten days, the results are a 24% reduction in ICU stay, a 35% reduction in hours intubated and a 50% reduction in ICU-acquired pneumonia.

3. How does the Turnwedge
™ provide a “controlled” angle of turn?

The fire-retardant polyurethane foam material that comprises the Turnwedge provides a highly effective non-skid surface and produces a stable platform that cannot be achieved with pillows and blankets. It also allows the caregiver to administer the proper angle of turn for a particular patient by laterally adjusting the Turnwedge.

4. How can a caregiver determine what angle of turn is being provided to the patient?

This can be accomplished with the use of the Rotational Positioning Gauge (RPG) that works in conjunction with the Turnwedge. The RPG can be placed on the patient’s sternum and the easy-to-read gauge will give a precise and accurate reading of the angle of turn that the patient has been positioned for.

5. What benefit does the curvature of the Turnwedge™ provide to the patient?

The ergonomically designed curvature of the Turnwedge provides support for a patient up to 350lbs.
and for bariatric patients up to 600lbs., while maintaining minimal contact with the skin.
Minimal contact equates to minimal pressure, which aids in the prevention and treatment of a pressure ulcer.

6. Can a protective cover be put over the Turnwedge?

A covering is not recommended in the use of the TurnWedge. Putting a cover on the TurnWedge can reduce the ability of the Turnwedge to provide a highly stable and non-skid surface. For best results, always place the TurnWedge between the drawsheet and the sheet covering the mattress. This produces the maximum gripping area that a controlled angle of turn requires. Click here for product instructions.

7. Is the Turnwedge offered in different sizes?

The TurnWedge has been designed to meet the needs of adults and children weighing up to 350 lbs.
The Turnwedge is also available for bariatric patients up to 600lbs.

8. Is the Turnwedge reusable for more than one patient?

While the TurnWedge is a durable and valuable assistive device, it has been designed as a disposable item.
For infection control reasons, it is not to be used on multiple patients.

9. How can the Turnwedge
™ help reduce costs?

Please refer to the section entitled “Why Repositioning Your Patients is Important.”
This section covers the many benefits and reasons why the Turnwedge is so important in reducing costs.